See how Native American artisans create their work at these public demonstrations, presented by our local Heritage Square business partners.  Audience members will be able to ask questions and interact with these local artists, and see new works come alive. DEMONSTRATORS – SATURDAY AND SUNDAY

Jonah Hill – is from the 3rd Mesa from the Village of Kykotsmovi, of the Tobacco clan, will be demonstrating jewelry making Twin brother of Jonah Gregory – is from 3rd Mesa from the Village of Kykotsmovi, member of the tobacco will be demonstrating Hopi Top making Traditionally and contemporarily

source site Nona Naha – is from First Mesa from the Villages of Sichomovi & Tewa, of the Spider clan, will be demonstrating Hopi pottery making

go here Davis Maho – is from First Mesa from the Village of Walpi, of the Roadrunner Clan and a descended of the Salt Clan people from Forest Lake, Arizona. He will be demonstrating Hopi textiles